Virtual Dental Visits are Here!

Online dental consults are now live at Dental Professionals!

Click here to request a video consult.

Telemedicine, or in this case teledentistry, is the technology that allows your doctor or dentist to remotely provide an exam for you wherever you are in the world. Essentially, you chat with your provider over live video—it’s similar to using Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, or Zoom. All you need is a device or computer with a camera. At Dental Professionals, we are proud to now provide this service.

Dental Consult Online

About our system:

  1. It’s user friendly and intuitive—no training or special web skills needed.
  2. It’s HIPAA-compliant so your information is secure.
  3. It allows you to upload photos.
  4. It’s powered by the professional version of Zoom, so the controls are already familiar to many.
  5. It works from your phone, tablet, or desktop computer with camera.
  6. You can request that other people be present as well (spouse, children, etc.)—they can join from their own device and participate in the discussion too!


What appointment types can be scheduled this way?

  1. Emergency exams (especially when coming into the office is difficult or impractical)
  2. Follow-up visits (for example, a follow-up after implant surgery)
  3. Cosmetic dental consultations
  4. Gummy smile consultations
  5. Second opinions (for certain situations)
  6. Treatment conferences (i.e. discuss details of recommended treatment)

Notably, most dental insurance companies cover a teledental visit the same way they would cover an in-office visit.  Every plan is different, so check with your insurance provider if you have questions specific to your situation.


How does it work?

  1. After you request an appointment, our team will contact you to schedule.
  2. You will receive an invite via email or text, as well as reminders.
  3. Prior to your appointment, the link in the email or text brings you to a virtual reception room.
  4. If you don’t have Zoom installed on your device, the program prompts you and completes this (note, you don’t have to do anything in Zoom—the program all runs on its own).
  5. In the reception room, you can sign the short consent form and have the option to upload photos
  6. At your appointment time, your doctor initiates the visit!


You can request a video consult here:

You can also request a video consult by calling or emailing either of our office locations. We’d love to see you in person but are excited to offer this convenient option to save you time and possibly avoid unnecessary trips to the office!