Advanced Technology

At Dental Professionals, we are proud to be leaders in our field when it comes to implementing new technologies.  We were one of the very first dental practices to have a website, one of the first to go to electronic patient records, and one of the first to use digital imaging systems.  Our aim is to continue to be at the forefront of the quickly changing dental profession.

Briefly, our philosophy is to incorporate technologies that have been proven to do one or more of the following:

  • improve diagnosis,
  • improve patient outcomes,
  • make your appointments more comfortable,
  • make your appointments and course of treatment faster, with zero compromises in results,
  • make dental care more affordable, with no compromise in health or esthetic outcomes,
  • minimize our environmental impact.

Below are just some of the technologies we feature at our offices and a little about how they help us better serve you.

Electronic Health Record

Completely paperless charts allow us to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.  We can more quickly communicate between our office locations, with other specialists, and with your insurance company.

Digital Imaging

Digital imaging is faster, more comfortable, and requires only a fraction of the radiation used in traditional dental imaging (x-rays).  Dental Professionals was one of the first dental practices to adopt this technology, and we continue to update our systems to the latest versions so that we can best serve you and your health. Digital imaging also allows us to store patient images and enables us to quickly and easily transfer them to specialists or insurance companies.

Bacterial DNA Testing

Bacterial DNA testing for periodontal disease (gum infection) has allowed for remarkable changes in the way we treat unhealthy gums.  We can now (totally comfortably!) diagnose which specific bacteria are causing you gum infection and select targeted therapies that work best for your specific infection. To learn more, read about our Perio 360 program:  Perio 360.

Laser Dentistry

Lasers have a wide variety of uses in dentistry.  At Dental Professionals, we have multiple lasers at both office locations that we use every day.  Some examples of laser applications include laser gum lift (for a gummy smile or small teeth), laser disinfection of persistent gum infections, and management of cold sores.

Scanning and Digital Impressions

At Dental Professionals, we are now able to use intraoral scanners to capture images of your teeth, instead of uncomfortable, messy impressions.  These “digital impressions” can be sent instantly to the lab and are extremely accurate.

These scans can also be paired with our 3D implant technologies to plan and carry out fully guided implant surgeries.  This means our specialists perform your entire implant procedure on a computer, then can have a guide made to replicate the exact surgery at your appointment.  This means faster, more comfortable procedures, with improved esthetic results!

Planmeca Treatment Center

The Planmeca Treatment Center, in our Chicago office, is the first of its kind in the midwest United States.  Essentially, it’s a dental treatment chair on steroids – integrated into the chair are a digital camera, medical monitor, implant surgery system, and other useful tools.  It even cleans itself!  To see Dr. Jacobs discuss the features and benefits of this chair to other dentists, click here:

Planmeca Treatment Center Video

Home Sleep Monitors

The Chicago Center for Snoring and Sleep Apnea, located at Dental Professionals, offers oral appliance therapy as a convenient alternative for treating mild to moderate sleep apnea.  

Many patients do not realize they even have sleep apnea but may show signs of it at their dental exam.  Instead of immediately having to spend a night in the hospital having a sleep study, we are able to send our patients home with a small monitor that can screen for this condition.  We teach you how to use it, and then we analyze the results afterwards.

CAD/CAM Milling

CAD/CAM technology now allows us, for many patients, to fabricate inlays, onlays, and crowns in a single visit.  There are no compromises made – only time saved.  Call us today if you have a need or interest in same-day crowns or ceramic restorations!

Patient Communication Software

Patient communication programs allow us to better serve you while conserving paper resources as well.  Our system securely sends convenient appointment reminders and allows us to notify you if appointments open up that may work better for you.

Online registration works hand-in-hand with this to make your experience at our office as efficient as possible!

Digital and Intraoral Photography

Digital photography is a key part of every day at Dental Professionals.  We feature multiple small intraoral cameras at both locations, as well as the latest digital SLR Canon cameras for planning and tracking cosmetic dental and implant cases.  Photos are one of the best tools for you and our doctors to discuss the care you’ve had or care you are considering undergoing.

3D Imaging

Three-dimensional imaging opens up a world of options for patient care.  With 3D scans, we are able to provide implant treatment to patients who were previously told they could never have implants. Paired with intraoral scanning, it allows for state-of-the-art guided surgery.  And now, with ultra-low dose protocols, 3D imaging has a lower radiation dose than its 2D counterparts that were previously used!