Sedation Dentistry

While most patients have a comfortable experience in our practice using only local anesthetic, for others even thinking about dental visits is stressful or traumatic.  

With that in mind we’ve done everything we can to make your visit to our office as comfortable as possible.  Beyond our many patient amenities, an additional offering we feature for very anxious patients (and sometimes just for long appointments) is oral sedation.

Oral sedation involves taking a short course of medication (which is started either the night before or an hour before the appointment) that allows you to relax and in a sense “zone out” for your visit.  Some patients who are typically fearful end up even falling asleep while we work and we gently wake them when we are through.

If this sounds like an option you’d like, please mention it when you schedule your next appointment.  We will work with you (and your primary care physician, if necessary) to ensure that you have the safest, most comfortable experience possible!