Types of Oral Appliances for Your Unique Needs

Every oral appliance we make is fitted to each patient to assure they are both comfortable and effective. We offer a variety of the top oral appliances available today so we can always meet the needs of our patients perfectly. If you would like to know more about a particular appliance or which one would be best for you, be sure to contact our Chicago or Skokie, IL office today for a consultation.


Oral sleep appliances work by slightly shifting the jaw forward to ensure the airway remains open and unblocked throughout the night. Each appliance is custom-fitted, adjustable, and crafted from high-quality materials. While wearing their oral appliance, patients will be able to speak and drink normally, which will help them maintain normal bedtime routines. Oral appliances have been shown to dramatically increase the sleep quality for 90% of the patients who wear them regularly.


The Narval works using the same principle as the oral appliances. It gently shifts the jaw forward to prevent the tissues in the mouth and throat from blocking the airway. What makes the Narval distinct is that it is made of more lightweight, flexible materials. Patients find them to be more comfortable than other oral appliances that are typically made from a kind of hard plastic. They enable a patient to speak and drink normally, and it even allows them to completely close their mouth while sleeping.

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The Herbst appliance is extremely flexible and versatile. It allows for a full range of motion for the jaw, letting it move freely both laterally and vertically. In addition to being used for sleep apnea, it is also effective for treating TMJ pain (chronic jaw pain), bruxism (teeth grinding), and persistent snoring.


The ProSomnus MicrO2® is a sleep and snore device that is made using state-of-the-art fourth-generation design. The appliance is created according to your specific oral anatomy using CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and manufacture) technology. It is the only device to treat OSA that uses only control-cured PMMA plastic — and with no metal, it is the most biocompatible option available. When given a choice, many patients choose the award-winning MicrO2® for its comfort compared to other oral appliances.