Por qué elegir a los profesionales de la odontología?

Cuando se trata de elegir un proveedor dental, sabemos que tienes opciones. Personalizado, amable, y la atención integral al paciente es nuestra prioridad número uno.  Nuestro lema “Más allá de Odontología” habla del hecho de que consideramos que nuestro cuidado por usted no se trata solo de sus dientes, but about how we can enhance your overall healthcare and personal well-being.

Aquí hay algunas cosas que hacen que nuestra práctica sea única.:

Collaborative Care Model

meet-usCreemos que, como la mejor atención médica, la mejor atención médica bucal es brindada por equipos de proveedores que trabajan juntos.  Our doctors meet together before your treatment plan is finalized to share insights, alternative approaches, and experiences.  When necessary, outside specialists are part of these conversations too.  This collaborative approach, tapping into the collective wisdom of our experienced team of doctors, is what ensures the best patient outcomes.

We Emphasize Prevention

Our entire team is educated on the benefits of stable oral health to your overall health and well-being.  With that knowledge, and our mission in mind, we know that the best care we can provide you is care that preempts the need for future treatment of dental disease.

Por lo tanto, preventive care must be at the forefront of what we do.  You’ll notice that at every visit, starting with your very first, our doctors and team will work with you to develop and maintain your personalized dental wellness plan.

Comprehensive Dental Care in One Location

En los profesionales de la odontología, we have both general dental and specialist care under one roof.  This means even complex treatment can be planned and achieved right on site. This saves you time and provides the best continuity of care.  If we must refer out, we promise to send you to carefully vetted colleagues who apply the same professional principles in their office that we do in ours.

Comfort from Start to Finish

We respect and understand that many patients experience dental anxiety. At our office, we do everything we can to make sure that your experience is as enjoyable as possible. This starts with thoughtful patient amenities at your arrival (learn more about your First Visit), and is continued with personalized comforts provided by our staff throughout your appointment.  For some, this may be a warm neck pillow, for others it may be the ability to stream their favorite Netflix content in the treatment room.  We work with you to find what’s effective in relieving anxiety and helping you to relax.

Often, the real sense of calm comes from the fact that our doctors and team take the time to help you understand your treatment, so there are never any lingering questions when you begin care.  By communicating clearly what you can expect before, during, and after your treatment, we are able to alleviate fear and promote comfortable care from beginning to end.

Patient-Focused Technologies

Dental technologies are constantly emerging.  En los profesionales de la odontología, we are constantly evaluating emerging technologies and adopting those that, without compromise:

  • improve diagnosis and patient outcomes,
  • make your appointments more comfortable and course of treatment faster,
  • make dental care more affordable, &
  • minimize our environmental impact.

Click here to learn more about the wide variety of technologies we feature in our offices: Tecnología avanzada.

Flexible Scheduling Options

We know you are busy and that finding time to see the dentist can be difficult.  To help make scheduling as easy as possible, we offer convenient hours at both our practice locations. Whether you need a quick appointment over your lunch hour downtown, or an evening or Saturday appointment, we will work with you to find something that works.

Many of our patients see us at both our offices, depending on their individual work and family schedules.  We welcome the opportunity to be part of your care in any way that works for you!

Multiple Convenient Locations

Our downtown and North Shore locations are both conveniently placed so as to be easily accessible from your work or home. Many patients in our Old Orchard location spend some time before or after their appointment shopping in the beautiful indoor/outdoor mall. Downtown, the peaceful, gorgeous Riverwalk (and a wealth of food options) are just outside our doors and welcome you before or after your visit!