Full-Arch Replacement Teeth Chicago

Same-Day Dental Implants in Chicago

A patient that is missing an entire row of teeth is in a unique position: a chance to start fresh with a full-arch restoration! While there are other options for treating a full row of missing teeth such as single implants and dentures, patients these days are expressing a desire for a solution that is more affordable, quick and convenient.

¿Está listo para reemplazar los dientes que le faltan y volver a sonreír con confianza??

A Revolution in Missing Teeth

The demand for immediate replacement teeth has led to a revolution in how we deal with missing teeth: the full-arch restoration. Also known asimplant supported dentures”, this innovative treatment allows Dr. Finkel, Dr. Jacobs, Dr. Porque, Dr. Katz, Dr. Moeller, Dr. Okamoto, Dr. Ross y Dr. Schwartz to combine implant technology with dentures to give our patients a new smile and a renewed outlook on life, all in one day!

Dentures and Implants: Working Together

Traditional dentures can be inconvenient, painful, and unstable. And while dental implants are an excellent choice for single tooth replacements, on the scale of a full arch, they can be expensive and complicated. Sin embargo, putting these two treatments together yields a solution that works for nearly everyone: implant-supported overdentures. During this treatment, four dental implants are placed in the jaw and a full dental bridge attached to them, giving you a full row of teeth in just one appointment.

The Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

  • Cost: Because this treatment requires just four implants per arch, it is much more affordable than placing an entire row of implants.
  • Conveniencia: Replacement teeth can typically be placed during the same appointment as the implants.
  • Bone Graft-Free: Two of the four implants are placed at special angles in the back of the jaw to make the best use of available jawbone. This often eliminates the need for bone grafting.
  • Faster Healing: Less time in the chair and less time healing round out the benefits of full arch restorations.

Full Arch Replacement Procedure

As with other dental implant procedures, you will be anesthetized for comfort during the surgery and thus won’t feel a thing. Post-operation soreness is typically manageable with over-the-counter medications, and any necessary prescriptions will be discussed at your appointment.

Implant Supported Dentures: Your Options

Prótesis de bola conexión Two implants are placed in the lower jaw, onto which a denture snaps into place. This option is more stable than traditional, removable dentures; sin embargo, there will still be some movement. Sore spots can develop if food is caught underneath. Periodic appointments ensure proper adjustment.

Una boca con la mandíbula inferior que faltan todos sus dientes 1. antes de
Una boca con la mandíbula inferior con dos implantes y no hay dientes inferiores 2. Implantes colocados
Una boca con una dentadura de anclaje de bola pegó a la mandíbula inferior por dos implantes 3. Prótesis conectada

Dentadura postiza con barra

Referred to above asoverdentures”, this process involves the placing of four to six implants in the lower jaw. A custom support bar connects the implants, and a denture with internal retention clips is attached to the support bar. This option is very popular as the denture is more stable than with ball attachments, yet it is still removable for cleaning.

Una boca que tiene todos los dientes que faltan en su mandíbula inferior 1. antes de
Una boca sin dientes y cuatro implantes conectados por una barra de metal en su mandíbula inferior 2. Implantes colocados
Una boca con una dentadura barra de archivos adjuntos asegurado en la mandíbula inferior por cuatro implantes 3. Prótesis conectada

Hybrid Half-Denture/Half-Fixed

Also known as a screw-retained denture, this option offers maximum stability. Placed on five or more implants and secured by screws or clasps, the denture is permanent, only removed by us at maintenance visits. The denture does not contact gum tissue, allowing you to clean under it without removal.

Una boca que tiene todos los dientes de la mandíbula inferior que faltan 1. antes de
Una boca que tiene seis implantes y sin dientes en la mandíbula inferior 2. Implantes colocados
Una boca con un tornillo de fijación de la dentadura colocada en la mandíbula inferior por seis implantes 3. Prótesis conectada

Individual Implants

Por supuesto, there is always the option to have each missing tooth replaced by an individual dental implant. The benefits of this are increased stability, preservation of the jawbone, and a natural look. Sin embargo, the process is the most costly and time-consuming.

A digital representation of the lower jaw missing all of its teeth 1. antes de
A mouth showing the lower jaw with all the teeth as individual implants 2. Implantes colocados
A mouth showing the healed lower jaw after individual implants were placed 3. Healing Completed

Upper Arch Replacements

The treatment options for the upper arch are basically the same as those mentioned above, however additional implants are sometimes needed to compensate for softer bone.

Un implante retenido Dentadura superior con sus implantes adjunta

Implante prótesis superior retenida

Dependiendo del número de implantes a colocar, es posible eliminar la necesidad de cubrir el techo de la boca con una dentadura completa. Esta opción le permite probar completamente la comida y le da una mejor idea de su temperatura. Su dentadura se siente más natural. Usted todavía tendrá una prótesis removible, que hace la limpieza de la barra de soporte y dentadura mucho más fácil.

Individual Upper Dental Implants

Individual Upper Implants

If you want a restoration that is similar to your natural teeth and therefore not removable, you probably will need eight to ten individual implants placed. This is followed after healing by the placement of the abutments and new replacement crowns.

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If you are fed up with dentures and are looking for a better, more permanent solution, please contact us to find out more about the life-changing transformations that full arch restorations are giving patients in our office.