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We Treat You Like Family

Your Dental Home

“It’s a real family oriented atmosphere here. They treat you really well, so much that I’ve had my two daughters come and they’ve been seeing the Dental Professionals for years as well. When I come here they know what my specific needs are, they’ve got my history, they always know exactly what I need.” Mark Mayer, patient for 30+ years

"I’ve been coming here since junior high school. You think of the dentist as a scary thing, but at Dental Professionals, it’s not like that, it's like family. I know all the doctors, and they help make a plan just for me." Erin Mayer

From the moment you walk into Dental Professionals, you’ll know you’re home. You’ll find today’s best dental care, from routine cleaning to complex periodontal surgery, in an atmosphere of complete comfort. Discover a new type of dentist, completely dedicated to you and your oral health, supported by an equally committed staff of exceptional professionals. Our experienced team will treat you like family. Because as a Dental Professionals patient, you are.

Reviews & Testimonials

Legacy of Care

"My father joined this practice more than 65 years ago with the philosophy that you always have a personal relationship with your patients. At Dental Professionals, they share the same philosophy, practicing state of the art dentistry but never sacrificing that personal relationship and care for each patient. They always make a special effort to treat everyone like they’re the most important patient they have. When I come here, I feel like I’m home. They’re not only very skilled, they’re just really good people and you don’t get that combination anywhere else.” Bill Spiro, longtime patient

With an 80 year legacy of practicing caring dentistry, we have earned the trust and loyalty of our patients. That’s why we’re now treating their children…and their grandchildren. There’s no better way to show how we think of our patients, like family, and why we care for them in exactly the same way. Forming long lasting relationships are at the heart of our practice, and it’s reflected in everything we do. Here you’ll find personalized prevention and attentive, always accessible care from our dentists in Chicago and Skokie who consider the whole patient at every point in the treatment.

From our earliest days, we’ve put our patients’ welfare at the center of everything we do. Whether it’s adopting the latest technology, pursuing advanced training, offering a new service or completely remodeling our offices, the question we always ask is “how will this benefit our patients?” That’s our litmus test for success, and it’s why we became known for patient-centered care before it ever became a sought-after attribute. It’s simply the way we practice dentistry, from the beginning, and will continue to practice for generations to come.

We welcome you...

"I don’t feel like I’m an appointment, I feel like I’m a person and they work with what’s best for me and my schedule. My husband, children, even my mother comes. She was looking for the best clinical care, and she found it here.”

Debbie J and family, patients at Dental Professionals for 20+ years

“There’s such a warm family environment here. Who likes going to their dentist? I do.”

Liz C, Dental Professionals patient for 20 years

...to the best seat in the house

Be treated in complete comfort at our newly designed offices with spa-like amenities:

The quietest, fastest, most advanced equipment

Plushly upholstered dental chairs

Large screen televisions and iPods filled with music to keep you entertained

The latest technology for swift, accurate treatments

Caring touches, from warm blankets to special protective glasses to waiting room snacks

Bill Spiro talks about the Dental Professionals family