A new era in dentistry

Digital Design

At Dental Professionals, we believe in best practices. As early adopters of the most advanced technologies, materials and techniques, our dentists in Chicago and Skokie use CAD CAM dentistry to create extraordinary results for our patients.

Using a digital scanner to take an impression, a restoration is created in our offices, using sophisticated, non-metal composite materials for fillings, veneers, crowns or bridges. The state-of-the-art laser technology is not only extremely precise but also as safe as the checkout scanner at the grocery store. It’s also clean, swift and comfortable, and we’re proud to serve at the front lines of this revolution in dentistry.

A natural fit

The benefits of digital restorations go well beyond same-day convenience; they look and feel completely natural. Digital precision ensures a comfortable fit, made just for your mouth. And because your restoration is metal-free, your smile will be naturally beautiful.

Inside E4D

Offering intuitive computer-guided images to pinpoint-precise laser technology, E4D is at the leading edge of restorative dentistry that’s quicker and easier than ever before. We use the intraoral scanner to produce ultra sharp images, ensuring patients an extremely accurate fit for everything from ceramic crowns to onlays, inlays and bridges.

First, we scan your tooth rather than take a conventional impression. Next, we design a custom restoration to fit your smile. Then, your crown, filling or veneers are created with a state-of-the-art milling unit right in the Dental Professionals offices. The final restoration is placed in your mouth the same day.

Total time from preparation and scanning through design, milling and final chairside restoration: one to two hours. Now, back to your regularly scheduled life.

Rooting out cavities

Catching cavities early helps preserve your healthy smile, and this breakthrough technology enables us to detect even the smallest ones. While traditional poking and prodding uncovers only 50 to 75% of cavities, the Diagnodent laser probe finds them all, especially those hiding along grooves, fissures and cracks. Quick, precise and completely pain-free, Diagnodent enables us to identify tiny trouble spots and repair them with ease.

Dr. Steve Kase talks tech

“Technology has completely transformed dentistry in the last two decades, and the way we practice now is completely different than when we began. Our ability to make complex restorations in just one visit with CAD CAM technology means a far better, more convenient experience for our patients.”

Dr. Steve Kase on the technology transformation