Brighter Smiles

Brighter smiles

Dazzle all lookers with sparkling white teeth, the key to a beautiful smile. Coffee, tea, wine and soda all make their mark, so let us help you clean and brighten your smile. Dental Professionals offers both at-home and in-office whitening options. You can choose a one-hour chairside power bleaching, or an easy-to-use whitening kit at home. With the latest materials and one-on-one instruction, the process is safe, simple and comfortable.

We’ll help you maintain your new whites with some simple cleaning tips and preventive check ups.

Causes of Tooth Staining
Age: Over the years, teeth darken as a result of wear and tear and stain accumulation. By age 40, yellowish stains can become brown, and by age 50, the teeth have absorbed numerous stubborn stains which are more difficult to eradicate. Thin, translucent teeth: Teeth that are thinner and more transparent, frequently the front teeth, have less pigment, and can’t be revitalized by bleaching. Food and drink: Deep colors such as those found in red wine, coffee, tea and cola cause stains while acidic foods like citrus fruits and vinegar can erode your enamel. Over years, the surface becomes more transparent, and more yellow-colored dentin becomes apparent. Smoking: Another reason to avoid cigarettes--nicotine leaves brown deposits which cause discoloration in the tooth structure. Drugs or chemicals: Tetracycline use during childhood can produce permanent dark grey or brown stains while too much fluoride can result in white, mottled patches. Cracks in teeth: Bruxism and teeth gnashing can contribute to small cracks, darkening the biting edges; any sort of trauma that results in cracks to the teeth can mean an accumulation of stains and debris.

Steps to a Brighter Future

1. At Dental Professionals, we will evaluate your teeth to determine the best way to achieve that winning gleam. Yellowish, hued teeth respond well to bleach, but whitening doesn't work on brownish-colored and grayish-hued teeth, caps, veneers or bonded teeth.

2. If you opt for chairside power bleaching at our Skokie or Chicago office, we'll apply a protective gel or rubber shield for your gums, apply the tooth whitening agent and use a special light to enhance the action of the agent. One session is generally enough to significantly whiten your teeth.

3. If you prefer to whiten your teeth at home, we'll supply you with a custom-made tray filled with a mild bleaching agent. For patients who already have whitening trays, we have additional tubes of whitening agent available at both of our practice locations. Wear the tray daily for two to four weeks for great results.

4. To maintain your new bright smile, we recommend that you brush your teeth twice daily or after each meal and floss once a day, visit Dental Professionals regularly for cleanings and check-ups and do a touch-up bleach at home. With regular professional care and use of after-care products, you can maintain your new whiteness for many years.

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Lighten Up

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