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Esthetic Dentistry

At Dental Professionals, we consider all our work “esthetic dentistry.” Front or back tooth, big or small, we aim to make each of our restorations beautiful and natural.

Revitalize your Smile
Are you reluctant to smile? Or perhaps you want to correct chipped, broken, crooked, or missing teeth? Each of the doctors at Dental Professionals has years of experience working with patients who want to revitalize their smile, restoring beauty and confidence. With options like bonding, veneers, crowns and implants, we are able to bring the life and brilliance back to your smile.

Our skilled team of technicians allows us to uniquely customize restorations, making sure your individual preferences and desires are met.

How it Works
At your consultation, we begin with a conversation. The most important step is understanding what you like and don’t like about your smile. We want to begin to visualize the end result you are looking for—after all, each smile is unique.

Following this, a comfortable, thorough exam is carried out. It’s important to have a healthy mouth as the foundation for any esthetic enhancement. We will let you know if there are any underlying problems that need to be addressed. Digital diagnostic records are then made as needed. Usually these consist of a series of photos of your teeth and smile, models of your teeth, and any necessary x-rays.

Our team of doctors will then meet, discuss your case, and develop a series of options that address your goals. At your next visit, your dentist will meet with you to have a treatment conference. Together you’ll go through your photos and records, making sure you understand the options and recommended plan. Here, you’ll get information regarding long-term results, treatment timeline, and fees.

This is a no-pressure visit intended only to educate you and let you know your options. You are welcome to bring a significant other, family member, or friend to attend your treatment conference if you like too. Some patients know what they want that day. Others take their plans home to think about their options.

Once a plan is finalized, any necessary behind-the-scenes laboratory work and planning begin. This usually involves digitally designing your new restorations and smile, a process that involves collaboration between your dentist, a lab technician, and a ceramic artist. When the whole team has completed preparations, treatment starts.

At your treatment visits, you will be kept completely comfortable while your teeth are prepared for the restorations. Provisional restorations (temporary, test restorations) will be placed, and impressions made. Wearing the provisional restorations lets you preview the result, making sure the esthetics and bite are comfortable and the way you envision. At this time, changes can be proposed and made, so that the final restorations are exactly what you pictured.

Once both you and your doctor are satisfied, the laboratory is instructed to make the final restorations. These are typically strong, highly esthetic, metal-free veneers, crowns, or bridges. With proper maintenance and hygiene, these will last for years to come.

Perfect your Smile

Everyone deserves a beautiful smile...allow us to perfect yours with the art of cosmetic dentistry. We’ll take photos of your smile and perform a bit of magic on the computer with cosmetic imaging which shows how your smile will look after the work is done. Models of your teeth are taken and a laboratory mock-up done for a detailed look at the shape, size and position of your newly designed smile. Then we’ll recommend the best choice--teeth whitening or porcelain laminates, you’ll be smiling.

Complimentary Consultation

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