Dentistry Tailored to You

Personalized, compassionate dentistry, tailored to your needs. From the moment you walk into Dental Professionals, you’ll know you’re home. High touch blends seamlessly with high tech to bring you today's best dental care in a welcoming, completely patient-focused environment. Come home to your dentist, Chicago!


Sleep Easy

Dental Professionals offers a better solution for snoring and sleep apnea patients. Oral appliance therapy is as effective as CPAP, but far more convenient and comfortable. Our custom made nightguards improve the quality of your sleep...and your life.


Designed for Comfort

Both of our locations are newly designed to evoke the look and feel of a luxurious spa, down to the tiniest detail. Put your feet up, lean back into a plush reclining chair, and prepare to be treated with the greatest of care. When you're with our Chicago dentists, you're family.


Smiles in a Day

Restore your smile in just one day with dental implants from the specialists at Dental Professionals. Our experience guarantees a success rate of more than 97% for this life-changing procedure that rehabilitates both appearance and function.


Complete Patient Comfort

A Personalized Care Plan

Sleep Apnea Solutions

Smiles Restored in a Day

Advanced Technologies

Collaborative Care Team

Generations of Experience

Bright, healthy smiles

Luxury and Convenience

Relaxed, at ease, completely comfortable and pain’s your right to expect the optimal patient experience at every visit. And it's our privilege to deliver, at Dental Professionals in Chicago and Skokie.

Conveniently located in downtown Chicago and Skokie’s Westfield Shopping Center, our offices are highway-accessible and public transportation-friendly.


“We want to make the whole experience as much like a spa as possible, so people will feel comfortable, even pampered, when they visit our office." Dr. Paul Katz

Whether you're visiting your dentist in Chicago or a dentist in Skokie, you'll find:
o Technologically advanced electric handpieces that are quieter, faster, and more efficient...meaning less time in the dental chair, with minimal noise and vibration
o The best seat in the house on ergonomically designed, thickly upholstered dental chairs that offer exceptional neck support, and automatically readjust when you move, with gentle starts and stops
o Large screen tvs that offer a soothing visual diversion, or request an iPod loaded with music to suit every taste
o Technology that does all the work, from paperless records to sterilizing instruments to digital x-rays to CAD CAM restorations... integrated and efficient to make your visit quick and convenient
o Comfortable touches, like warm blankets when you’re feeling chilled, and special glasses to protect your eyes from drill debris and bright lights
o LED lights that are not only energy efficient, but emit virtually no heat compared to commonly used halogen lights
o Elegantly designed ‘no wait’ waiting room, and fresh cookies to munch on